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Furniture Assembly

We can assemble any piece of furniture with ease, from bed frames to cabinets and anything in between. Call us to help make your moving experience enjoyable & relaxing!

Power Washing

Been trying to get around to power washing the brick out back or your sidewalk out front? We can help with power washing jobs, big or small!

Light Carpentry

From building a table to installing shelves, we've got all things light carpentry covered! Call us to see how we can help your project come to life,

Minor Home Repairs

Whether it's unclogging that pesky drain, or repainting a room, minor home repairs are a breeze with San Diego's Finest Handyman.

Smart Home Device Installations

Can't quite figure out how to install that WiFi router? Fear not! Just call the professionals at San Diego's Finest Handyman to see how we can help get your WiFi up in no time!

TV Mounting

A mounted TV can elevate a space and bring a sense of elegance to any room. Call us for excellent TV mounting services!

Full Service Moving

We'll load up all your belongings and carefully transport them to your new home! Call us to have an easy moving experience from start to finish.

Trash and Furniture Removal

Need to make room for another project, or just need to get rid of old furniture? Call us to remove any trash or furniture with no complications!


Need an oil change or a check-up on that weird noise your car's been making? Call San Diego's Finest Handyman to handle the job!

Indoor Painting

A new coat of paint can refresh any space! Elevate any room in your home with our indoor painting services. Call now to see how we can help!


From mowing the lawn to soil aeration, we can help with all landscaping efforts to help you accomplish your dream backyard or front yard!

Rain Gutters

Been awhile since you last cleaned your rain gutters? Have no fear, San Diego's Finest Handyman can take care of that job in no time!

Yard Work

Need to trim your trees or take care of a pest problem? Call the professionals at San Diego's Finest handyman to help get the job done!

Minor Plumbing and Electrical

Whether it's a leaky faucet or a broken garbage disposal, we have the experience to solve any minor plumbing and electrical problems.


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We offer a range of services to help with nearly any project. Call us so we can discuss how we can serve you!

Typically, we can have one of San Diego’s Finest Handymen at your door within an hour or two hours of you calling us!

It depends on the project size. Call us to get an estimate for your specific project!


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